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Nothing relieves stress and tension like one of our massage sessions. Book your appointment today and let us work those toxins out of your body...one muscle at a time.

Swedish Massage

Relax as our expert massage therapist kneads and smoothes your tensions away.  This rhythmic, flowing massage is personalized to your needs.

1/2 Hour - $40                          1 Hour - $65

Deep Tissue Massage

Soothing, targeted therapy for tension, aches and pains. This deep, more intense massage includes therapeutic pressure at key points to ease your specific problem areas.

1/2 Hour - $40            1 Hour - $65             90 mins. - $95


A balancing, harmonizing treatment originated in Japan. Unique because little to no actual pressure is used, but rather the transference of energy flow from the therapist to you. An exotic, gentle treatment.

1/2 Hour - $40                          1 Hour - $65

Hot Rock Therapy

An exotic, grounding massage with hot rocks and aromatherapy to melt away stress.

1 Hour - $80                          90 mins. - $105

Craniosacro Therapy

This specialized treatment is ideal for helping with chronic headaches, TMJ issues, dyslexia, sinusitis and fibromialgia.

1/2 Hour - $40                          1 Hour - $65

Neck and Back Massage

Relieve tension and soreness with this revitalizing, concentrated therapy. Great for headache management and stress relief.

1/2 Hour - $40

Hand and Foot Massage

A refreshing treatment utilizing Reflexology points on your hands and feet. Stimulates relaxation and energy flow throughout the entire body.

1/2 Hour - $40


This popular treatment uses pressure points of the feet to alleviate symptoms throughout the body.

1/2 Hour - $40

Ear Candling

A gentle sinus remedy that has been practiced by Egyptian, Asian and European cultures for hundreds of years. A hollow candle is placed in the ear and lit, safely drawing out wax, bacteria, and sinus pressure.

1 Hour - $60


703 West Main Street | Lansdale, PA 19446 | 215-362-1277 | breathesalon703@verizon.net

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